Cloud Infrastructure

cloud computing

As more and more companies are adapting to cloud computing, it presents great challenges for an organization to maintain a team of dedicated I.T professional to manage and monitor the daily operation of what is going on in the cloud.

WestRoadSouth provides a comprehensive cloud management services. Our developers are full stack, experienced in GCP, AWS, Tencent and AliCloud setup. We help businesses to maximize their value creation pipeline by making sure all backend services in the cloud are seamlessly running. Building on the clouds is like building a skyscraper. If you have the vision to scale, start early with a strong foundation and a professional team as a backbone

  • Business processses studies
  • Cloud architecture design
  • System provisioning
  • Cloud system setup
  • Database migration services
  • Data management
  • Secrutiy management
  • DevOps
  • Machine learning consultation
  • Cloud storage management
  • Crisis management
  • Scalabillity provisioning

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Build your next scalable solution with us



Strategic Value

Shipping your application to the market with scalability and at speed is a demanding task. Deploying to the cloud brings flexibility, efficiency and creates great value for your service. The development team and end-users can access the service anytime, anywhere. Upgrading an application is at the tip of your finger tips. One could clone an existing environment and test out new technologies to improve performance and processing capacities. And all of that is happening in the Clouds. Enterprises around the world are tapping into new technologies and innovations at an exponential pace. Cloud technologies help businesses to capture and create strategic values.

WestRoadSouth cloud management team is fully certified and experience. We manages daily operation of your cloud environment, providing professional advise on design and architectural needs, manages security provisioning and CICD of your product or services.